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Committee Group Information
Survivorís Network Survivorsí Network: Committee will provide support to survivors and ensure survivorsí participation in all Task Force Committees. Committee is responsible for managing Domestic Violence Education Program for victims of domestic violence.
Advocates Committee will provide support to victim advocates through education, presentations, and services that are available to victims, etc. Collect and distribute old cell phones to victims of crimes.
Prosecution and Law Enforcement Prosecution/Law Enforcement: Committee will focus its efforts on improving and coordinating the response of law enforcement and coordinating the handling of domestic violence cases by prosecutorsí offices.
Fatality Review Committee will focus on the review of domestic violence fatalities to determine how the community can better respond to domestic violence and prevent such fatalities
Under-served Populations Under-served Populations: Committee will focus on the needs of victims in minority and any other under-served population groups in our community and of ways to assist them.
Education and Prevention Committee will research, identify and develop educational strategies that will lead to the prevention of domestic violence. May include curriculums for K-12, adult education or development of specialized training programs for target populations.
Intervention and Treatment Intervention and Treatment: Committee will identify and develop intervention and treatment programs (physical, emotional & mental) within the community which assist in crisis intervention and long term treatment for families experiencing domestic violence. This committee may address certification and/or standardization of programs as well as developing model programs.
Fundraising/Grant Committee The fundraising committee will focus on a variety of ways to raise funds for the Task Force. The ultimate goal is to be able to give assistance to victims for emergency living needs. While the grant committee will focus on determining the format of the grant which will allocate funds to agencies of individuals.
Legal Advocacy Legal Advocacy: Committee will identify and work toward improving access to civil laws and justice systems which will comprehensively address and protect the legal rights of domestic violence victims. Committee work may include survey of existing programs, laws and development of recommendations for improved access.
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